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The Herald of Andraste by xkelbix
The Herald of Andraste
Can't draw them for shit!

Anyway so here is Tallys Levallan waking out of the Breach....sort of. Unfortunately with my lack of skills I couldn't get his face to look like the screenshot I took but this shall do. Also I frigging LOVE that outfit! Even if it's a pain in the ass to draw, it's really sexy!

Character Belongs to Me
Dragon Age Belongs to Bioware
The Inquisitor by xkelbix
The Inquisitor
Apologies for my absence, I have been busy saving Thedas from destruction.

Here we have Tallys Lavellan, The Inquisitor, Herald of Andraste.

He is a Dalish Elf Rogue of the Levallan Clan in the Free Marches.

In Dragon Age: Origins I played as a Human Warrior and in Dragon Age 2 I played a Mage Hawke so I figured I would play as a Rogue (dual-wield) in Inquisition. Fair to say I love it! The gameplay is spectacular. I love exploring the world and finding items to craft into weapons and armour. The characters are fantastic and I LOVE that my character has a British voice. That may sound dumb but to me I love having the option. The storyline is so gripping that during my first playthrough I didn't want to sleep or got to work because I was so hooked. The music is also amazing and I find myself humming or whistling the tunes all day.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is my most favourite game yet! Quite an accomplishment. I recommend this game to everyone.

I just wanted to post a screenshot of my character as he looks in game before I start doing my own art and I will reveal more about him through my art as I have made up a backstory and a few things during the story of Inquisition, as I tend to do, to make it more to MY character instead of him being the same as anyone elses.

Tallys Belongs to Me
Dragon Age Belongs to Bioware
Love Is In The Air by xkelbix
Love Is In The Air
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I know I'm rather late in the day posting this but I just finished it.

Here we have my World of Warcraft Troll couple Zalyra and Jumaijen sitting on a cliff at Sen'Jin village in Durotar.

Zalyra is a Shaman and the older sister of Zojin and Zanskha and had to take responsibility for them after their parents were killed. She's always had a fascination with the  elements and when Thrall inducted the Trolls into the Horde she started training to become a Shaman among the Tauren of Mulgore.

Jumaijen is a Mage and Zalyra's childhood sweetheart. Always one to play with fire he chose to become a Fire-Mage when it was time for him to take up a class. Despite his power and infatuation with burning things he's a softy at heart.

At the moment these two are very low level in-game as I have been playing my other characters. The backgroud (except the sky) is taken from a screenshot as I can't do backgrounds to save myself.

Characters Belong to :iconxkelbix:
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United Kingdom

Meaning: Laurel
Origin: Latin
Emotion: Bounces back from adversity
Integrity: Laurie believes in a firm moral grounding
Personality: A smile for everyone
Relationships: A true people person, Laurie thrives in groups
Leisure: Laurie loves to travel

Laurie's Character:

You are passionate and attentive and are not afraid of revealing the depth of your feelings.
You are full of highly charged emotions, particularly at the start of a relationship.
You operate in a different way from the rest of us.
You appear to listen to the beat of a different, somewhat mystical drum and follow a different path.
You are strongly psychic, experiencing powerful intuitions, vivid dreams and an ability to tune into whatever is going on around you.
Perhaps for this reason, music can can play a vital role in your life, whether you are a performer or a listener.
Relationships usually go well, provided your partner respects your need for solitude and your powerful desire to express yourself creativly.
You live inside your own head and your contemplative nature may make you merely absent minded or distinctly other-worldly.

Hi my name is Laurie but you can call me Kelbi :) I'm 20 years old and Scottish. I'm not a great artist but love to draw and write fictions.

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Hope you all have a fantastic day :)

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